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MISO Boys SY14-15 Volleyball Tournament

posted Nov 17, 2014, 3:53 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 17, 2014, 11:06 PM ]

Hafa adai! Hopefully this is the last schedule change regarding the up-coming tournament this weekend.  

Due to Rota pulling out, we have changed from a "9-team bracket" to a "8-team bracket."  

Please note changes!

Game times are as follows (Please make sure to have your teams prepared to play earlier than scheduled as some games may be over quickly):

FRIDAY, Nov. 21

Game #1  10am  #8 vs #1
Game #2            #6 vs #3
Game #3  11      #5  vs #4
Game #4            #7 vs #2
Game #5  12pm  W1 vs W3
Game #6            W2 vs W4
Game #7  1        L1  vs W2
Game #8            L3 vs L4
Game #9  2pm   W7 vs L5
Game #10          W8 vs L6


Game #11  9am  SEMI FINAL  W5 vs W6
Game #12  10         W9 vs W10
Game #13  11         W12 vs L11
Game #14  12pm    FINALS   W13 vs W11
*Game #15  1:30pm  OT FINALS (if needed)  L14 vs W14

Good luck to all the teams and thank you for your continued support of meaningful interscholastic sports programs for the CNMI's youth!

Mr. Nick Gross
MISO E. D. of Operations

ps. Final standings from league play should be available by 11/19


Sorry for the late notice, but due to the Chamber of Commerce "Governors debate" MISO will be cancelling the "make-up games" scheduled for Wed. Nov. 19.  So, tonight (11/18) will be the final night of play prior to the tournament starting on Friday, Nov. 21.

Once again, sorry for the short notice.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mr. Nick Gross
MISO E. D. of Operations

ps. I just found our this morning that Rota's volleyball team will not be making the trip.  Adjustments will be made ASAP to the tournament schedule. 


Hafa adai!

As you may know, PSS will not be holding class on Friday, Nov. 21 due to the run-off election, BUT MISO will still be conducting its Boys Volleyball Tournament on Nov. 21-22 at the MHS gym! All PSS schools participating must provide MISO with their students 1st quarter report cards no later than Wed, Nov. 19.

A coin flip will determine who serves throughout the tournament. Game format will remain the same as it was throughout the season, best of 3 sets (25, 25, 15. Cap at 30 in the first two sets and no cap in the 3rd set). 

Tournament brackets will be available at the MHS gym both Tuesday (11/18) and Wednesday (11/19) during play. (WEDNESDAY, 11/19 will be the make-up games for the last weeks 11/13 cancellation).

Following is the schedule of events:

FRIDAY, Nov. 21

Game #1  10am  #8 vs #9
Game #2            #2 vs #7
Game #3  11      #3  vs #6
Game #4            #4 vs #5
Game #5  12pm  W1 vs #1
Game #6            W2 vs W3
Game #7  1:30   W4  vs W5
Game #8            L1 vs L2
Game #9  2:30   W8 vs L3
Game #10          L4 vs L5


Game #11  8am  W9 vs L7
Game #12           W10 vs L6
Game #13  9am  Semi Final  W6 vs W7
Game #14  10am  W11 vs W12
Game #15  11am  L13 vs W14
Game #16  12pm  FINALS   W13 vs W15
*Game #17 1:30pm  OT FINALS (if needed)  L16 vs W16

Thanks so much for another fantastic season and good luck in the tournament!!

Coach Nick Gross
MISO E. D. of Operations