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Honoring an NMI Volleyball Hero!

posted Nov 25, 2012, 1:42 PM by NMI Volleyball
National Coach Russ Quinn (left) presented Ms. Amie McRoberts (right) with an FIVB Heros t-shirt. She has been helping us for about three (3) years now to run registration which is no easy task when you have as many as 25 people in your face at one time asking questions and looking for favors. She also is great at setting up pool play games and running brackets for elimination games. She assigns games and refs to the courts and keeps track of scores and score sheets as games finish. We love her and hope that she has plans to stick around for a while! She is an NMI Volleyball Volunteer Hero!!!

The FIVB Hero's t-shirt was a gift given to NMIVA members at the recent FIVB Wold Conference held in Anaheim, California. FIVB Hero's was part of the marketing and branding strategy launched at the Summer 2012 London Olympic games. While the FIVB is recognizing and honoring its best players, NMIVA wants to use the same line of thinking and acknowledge all of its best volunteers. We hope to be able to give away more goodies to other NMIVA Heros during the rest of this season. We wouldn't be able to have the programs or offer the events we do without our amazing and dedicated volunteers! THANK YOU FROM NMIVA!!!