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Beach volleyball courts, courts and more courts!

posted Feb 19, 2011, 5:13 PM by Laurie Peterka   [ updated Feb 20, 2011, 2:10 PM ]
This year's Marianas Cup is at Fiesta Resort & Spa, next weekend, February 24-27. In preparation, Fiesta Resort & Spa's GM B.K. Park authorized FRS Activities Director Lucio Aldan to expand their beachside facilities with a second, international competition standard beach volleyball court. As part of an agreed upon partnership, NMIVA donated two sets of nets, lines, antennaes along with 10 brand new Misaka beach volleyballs to increase beach volleyball activities as the resort. The court posts were fabricated by Seafix, Inc. and installed by FRS staff under the guidance of Jeff Elliott (Seafix) and David Loan (Construction Management Associates), who also donated their time and expertise. Spectrum Electric is donating temporary lighting for next week's 4-day long event.
Speaking on behalf of the NMIVA board, president Laurie Peterka added, "We are incredibly grateful that Fiesta Resort & Spa decided to become a partner in this year's Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival. They have invested time, money and sweat equity along side with us to make the 19th annual event possible. It is encouraging for NMIVA that we can depend on our community partners to invest with us. We each agreed to put up about $1,500 in equipment, which included the installation of the new court plus replacing the net, lines and antennae at the existing court. The courts are permanent, so they are also an investment for FRS in-house guests throughout the year. We are also looking forward to helping FRS develop some kind of beach league closer to summer break."
Also investing in beach volleyball, Chalan Kanoa Beach Hotel installed a hand-sifted beach court poolside at their Lali-4 perfect weekend hide-out. In meeting with Ken Mitsutsune, NMIVA commended CKBH for its initiative and enthusiasm. The court is open to all who are interested in hanging out. CKBH offers great lunch specials and has an awesome happy hour --- any day of the week --- check it out.
And more and preparing for the upcoming FIVB/AVC Olympic Qualifier, NMIVA met last week with Pacific Island Club, CRM and Wireless Ridge Nursery owner Dr. Tony Stearns. The meetings focused on court maintenance at the PIC in order to meet AVC technical advisor inspection. The AVC technical advisor will arrive three days prior to the Olympic Qualifier to conduct final inspections on PIC's three beach volleyball courts. In the meantime, CRM has given PIC and NMIVA permission to bring in a backhoe (courtesy of Wireless Ridge Nursery and Dr. Stearns) to turn up hard, compacted sand. PIC engineering staff will then use their equipment to sift and spread sand. NMIVA, via FIVB and the AVC, will be donating three each sets of Mikasa nets, antannae, lines and 10 new balls (valued at approximately $2,500 total) to the PIC as part of the total rejuvenation effort.
"As the national federation for volleyball in the CNMI, we are wholly focused on development. In order to increase development, we need to make sure that facilities are in good repair and available. The commitment shown by our community partners will speak volumes to the FIVB and the AVC, which we expect to translate into more investment from the top down. We are focused on supporting MISO and CCOPSSA's efforts for indoor volleyball development and we are focused on sending players for international competition exposure for beach volleyball. We need all the volunteer assistance that we can get from both the corporate side and from former players, teachers and parents. Our goals require total participation across the community, which is a lot of work; but the results are so totally beautiful and satisfying. Please give me a call if you want to be a part of this great adventure," shared Peterka.
Next week, the 19th annual Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival kicks off with the ever popular FREE Kids Clinic with the Pros on Thursday, February 24, 4 to 6pm The event continues with the Pro Exhibition match on Friday, February 25 at 6pm, happy hour prices, free entry and the Pro raffle draw. The ProAm Tournment runs Saturday and Sunday, 8am until finished each day and is open to the public! All events this weekend are taking place at the Fiesta Resort and Spa.  The SZ Olymic Qualifier will follow March 4-6 at the PIC.