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Beach clinics take holidays break, will resume January 11th

posted Dec 26, 2011, 4:31 PM by NMI Volleyball   [ updated Dec 26, 2011, 6:52 PM ]
Coach Quinn's Homework for the Holidays!

Players are encouraged to go beyond MISO league preparations. Here are some suggestions for keeping in shape during the holiday break:
  1. Play games once a week - Ideally play two person team volleyball to work on all the learned skills. Warm up properly!
  2. Play Pepper for 30 minutes twice a week. Can be on the day you play games, but must be 30 minutes. Find a partner!
  3. Jump training - twice a week - 
    1. Jump rope 100 revolutions with both feet then 50 one leg and 50 on the other (200 total)
    2. Any three of the following
      1. Speed Skater 10 each side two times
      2. 4-square 10 times around twice in each direction
      3. Ball Jump Over ball 20 times side to side and front to back two times
      4. Reach for the sky - find a tree branch high enough that you have to really jump to touch it and practice proper jumping technique --- try 10 jumps, take short break and try another 10 jumps (10 jumps 2times) 
  4. Run two miles twice a week
Coach Quinn along with support coaches Mr. Mister and Mr. Carlucci encourage you to take your workouts to heart and be ready to resume practices in January. Girls' Wednesday practices will begin January 11th and co-ed Saturday morning practices will resume January 14th, 2012

Keep the ball flyin'

Happy Holidays To All!