Drug-Free Safe Haven Program


The Drug-Free Safe Haven Program is a federally funded after hours program supported by the CNMI Public School System (PSS)making the Marianas High School (MHS) gym available to students to play volleyball and other sports after normal school hours.
Hours of operation are subject to PSS or MHS priorities. Cancellations or changes are posted at the door on a case by case basis. Normal operating hours are as follows:
  • Monday thru Thursday:  4:30pm (16:30H) to 7:45pm (19:45H)
  • Saturday:                        4:00pm (16:00H) to 8:00pm (20:00H)
All the personnel in the MHS Drug-Free Safe Haven Program are employees of MHS.
  • Program Director/President: Jim Feger
  • Vice-President of the MHS Drug and Free Safe Haven Program & Coach: Nick Gross
  • Principal's Secretary: Tita T. Gabredo
  • Librarian: Patty Cruz
  • Special Education Program: Ray DL Guerrero
There is no cost to join MHS Drug-Free Safe Haven Program. This is federally funded program. ENTRANCE IS FREE.
  • Students must present a valid student body card and fill out our waiver form to join
  • Students under 18 years old need their parent/guardians signature on the waiver form
  • Students must be at least 14 years old
  • Students may be from public or private school on or from off island
  • All military personnel with ID Cards and police officers are welcome (and encouraged to serve as good role models)
  • All PSS faculty and staff are welcome
  • Any of the above can sponsor one guest (guest must sign a waiver too)
Being a member of the MHS Drug-Free Safe Haven Program means:
  • A participants can only come in the gym if they are dressed properly for exercise or sports
    • No zoris, hard shoes, sandals, or boots
    • Everybody has to wear a shirt
    • Nobody can wear any clothing that displays or promotes drugs, tobacco, or alcohol
  • The only beverage allowed inside the gym is water
  • Absolutely
    • NO betlnut chewing
    • NO smoking
    • NO alcoholic beverages
    • NO drug use
  • Foul language is not tolerated and verbal advisement's will be issued to anyone using profanity
  • NO fighting! Any fighting and combatants are kicked out and permanently lose their membership


For more information, contact Jim Feger at jimfeger@gmail.com