National Teams - Beach Volleyball Overview

The Northern Mariana Islands Volleyball Association (NMIVA) conducts qualifying events in order to select athletes for Men’s & Women’s Beach Volleyball Teams competitions.

The initial selection process for athletes involves all current members of the NMIVA who apply for the team. Athletes are identified and selected based on the highest total points earned after completing qualifying events for the beach volleyball national teams. Final selections are made by NMIVA, subject to final review by NMASA.

Each athlete must fill out required application forms provided by NMIVA and must meet the requirements set forth by both NMIVA and NMASA. Each athlete is required to participate in the fundraising efforts to send Team Marianas to events. Funds needed to be raised are typically determined and announced by NMASA and then NMIVA organizes its own fundraising activities.


  • Minimum age is 16
  • Anyone who wants to play in a beach qualifier series can play
    • You can play for fun and to help push those trying to qualify!
  • Qualifier Dates & Entry fees: 
  • Those who wish to be considered for the qualifying process
    • Pacific Games - these are the Eligibility Requirements athletes will need to meet
      • MUST be a member of NMIVA (Membership is $20 per year per person)
      • MUST attend “Q & A Sessions” as announced
      • MUST fill out and bring the Athlete Survey Form to your first “Q & A Session”
      • MUST play in a minimum number of Qualifiers
      • MUST attend scheduled trainings or otherwise show proof of set training schedule requirements
      • Interested players who are presently off at school or otherwise traveling MUST send a message (email or parent or fax) with your information
      • Players will be scored individually and as teams. Scoring criteria is in the Athlete Selection Criteria and is based on athlete participation.
  • Initial qualification process membership & entry fees: $20+10+10+10+15+30=$95
    • Do not let your inability to pay tournament or membership fees stop you from participating. Let us show you how to find sponsors!
  • Future participation costs will include travel and uniforms at a minimum. Additional costs may include gym fees and other costs. Participation in fundraisers will be mandatory for players.
  • Two teams will be selected for both the men’s division and the women’s division annually (8 total players)
  • If selected, you agree to be committed to all trainings and events according to your player contract
  • Selection processes will take place in the during the third quarter of each year (typically starting in August and running through September)

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