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NMIVA Certified Referees

This page under construction.

NMIVA Certified Volleyball Referees are available, upon request, to officiate your games. NMIVA recommends that you compensate referees $15/each per each match (2-3 sets or games). This is only a recommendation. The final agreement regarding compensation is between the individual referee and the organizers hiring them. Contact referees directly from the list below or send your request to

Allen Calvo                       [waiting for information]
Becky Robles          
Dalena Alban                    285-8205
Jamata Castro         
Jazz Rosokow         , 322-2075
John Nekaifes         
JR Gechig                
Kim Peterson          
Laurie Peterka        
Mark Robles           
Melody Johnson               [waiting for information]
Michelle Mgirbabul          [waiting for information]  
Nick Gross             
Rommel Tidsejo               [waiting for information]
Samantha Calvo     
Toni Yamada                    [waiting for information]
Tyce Mister            
NMIVA offfers referee certifications courses based on FIVB rules and regulations. Currently there are no courses scheduled for the remainder of 2010. If you would like to organize a special training for your group (10 or more), or for more information on NMIVA sponsored training courses, please send an email to