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VCP TEACHER'S TRAINING COURSE: Training Materials by Dr. Christian "Kiki" Kroger (Youth Development)

Volleyball training includes everything that coaches do with their teams. Only well organized and complex Volleyball training is truly effective for improving the performance of individuals and team Volleyball. Through training, players undergo biological, psychological and social adaptations which prepare them for the workload and performance required in a Volleyball match or tournament.

The team performance means the actual behavior of a team or an individual in a match (quantity & quality). Performance plays a multiple role in training and coaches should use it skillfully because it creates the strongest training stimuli for motivation. Players and team performance also serve to show both coach and players indications about how close or far they are from the goal and what exercises and tasks must be stressed in future training to reach that goal by a certain time.

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FIVB DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION: Volleyball at Schools Symposium Teaching Materials (Indoor)

The Thailand FIVB Volleyball Development Centre has been operating for nearly six years and has proven to have a good impact on the region it covers. This facility includes three indoor courts and a weights room. There is also a well-equipped office and a multi-purpose room at the Centre. Approximately three courses are held each year with more than 15 participants attending each course. About 28 countries in the region support and use the Centre including several nations of Oceania as well as Asia. Thailand Development Centre has been involved in the organization of major regional and international competitions such as the Asian Beach Volleyball Tour, Asian Women's Club Tournament, World Qualification Tournament and the World Grand Prix.

FIVB Beach Volleyball Drill-book

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 21, 2011 - The FIVB Technical and Development Department has released a new beach volleyball drill book for national federations and players as the sport’s governing body looks to help develop the sport further around the world. The publication, which will also serve as teaching material for Volleyball Cooperation programmes as well as a number of beach volleyball courses, has been developed in collaboration with FIVB beach volleyball instructor Hayden Jones from New Zealand as well as US-based beach volleyball player Daniel Dalanhese from Brazil. The book is targeted towards national federations and their players and goes directly to the heart of the game, explaining drills in a simple and easy to understand manner.

FIVB Coaches Manual 2011 (Indoor)

Lausanne, Switzerland, November 10, 2011 – A new coaches manual complete with new information and advice was released by the FIVB Technical and Development department on Thursday. The new edition of the publication includes information on the FIVB Coaches Course system and covers a host of areas from the basics of coaching to more advanced drills for teams. The contents also feature the nature of volleyball as a team sport, team formation and composition as well as a beginners guide to physical conditioning for the sport. Each chapter is written by one of the FIVB’s many specialists from the Technical, Coaches, Refereeing and Medical Commissions.

Beach Volleyball Secret of the Pros

This eBook teaches drills you can do at home, by yourself, or with up to 6 players so you can always be training. The content gets right down to teaching you everything you need to know to dominate the sport. Authored by former pro beach volleyball player Doug Mauro who lived and coached beach volleyball in the CNMI shortly after playing on the Pro tour circuit in 1994-95. While playing on the Pro tour, Doug trained with Karch, Troy Tanner, Adam Johnson, Randy Stoklos and others. His book shares what he learned while playing all these great players.

The Essential Volleyball Drill - Book 2nd Edition

From Hayden Joens & Daniel Dalanhese: "We know there are people out there who are as passionate about the game as we are, and some of them want to share it with others in the form of coaching. This book is for you! This drill book will not go over the rules of the game – for that you can go to, and the technical details on how to perform each skill will not be covered – for that we recommend that you purchase ‘Beach Volleyball’ - a comprehensive book written by Karch Kiraly and Byron Shewman. This book is not designed to repeat what has already been written, but offer an additional resource to what is available currently. We want to know what you think of it and if you believe that a drill book full of beach volleyball specific drills would be a useful tool for your coaching. Email us and let us know at 

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