NMIVA National Federation Referee Training Certification

One day NMIVA-hosted FREE referee clinic. This course is provided twice yearly and is open to the public for free.

Participants are required to complete a total of 8-hours of participation, which includes equal time in lecture and reviewing video clips as well practical time at the volleyball court learning, sharing and practicing various refereeing skills.

Each participant receives:
> FIVB's 2009 Refereeing Guidelines and Instructions
> FIVB's Rules of the Game; Official Volleyball Rules
> FIVB's Volleyball Official Hand Signals Chart
> NMIVA Certificate of Completion
> Entry into FIVB's VCP Referee Course

If you are interested in being notified about the dates of our next course, please send an email to training.programs@nmivolleyball.org

NOTE:  MISO hires certified NMIVA certified referees and pays per match (best 2 out of 3). For more MISO details, contact Coach Nick Gross at nickgross07@gmail.com