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FIVB VCP Referee Certification (Indoor)

This course was adopted in 2005 in the VCP Course System. The Course is designed to educate and train new referees at the national level. It also provides National Federations with a structure so that they may continue to develop their national referees.
  • To improve the knowledge and competence of referees and expand the pool of existing certified local indoor referees
  • To present the most recent trends for indoor volleyball refereeing
  • To motivate and stimulate National Federations to develop national courses and an internal method of training

Date: March 11 - 15, 2014
Location: Saipan
Course Details: The following is subject to the instructor's actual agenda. While the agenda may shift by day, the content will be similar.
Contact Hours: 24 for professional development purposes

Tues Mar 11 - 4-8pm (focus on theory and discussion in the classroom)

  • Opening ceremony (introductions and group picture)
  • Overview and history of FIVB
  • Role of the Referee
Wed Mar 12 - 4-8pm (focus on theory and discussion in the classroom)
  • Referee for beginners
  • Interacting with Players & Coaches
Thu Mar 13 - 4-8pm
  • Technical Skills
  • Controlling the Matches, Managing Games
Fri Mar 14 - 4-8pm
  • Managing Scorekeepers & Other Assistants
  • Mastering Hand Signals
Sat Mar 15 - 8am - 5pm
  • 8am - 12noon: MSH gym classroom - Content review and written exam
  • 1pm - 5pm Ada Gym - Practical application as a referee at NMIVA organized youth volleyball matches

About the Instructor

Curriculum vitae
Avelino Azevedo, 53 years old, Portuguese nationality, teacher of Physical Education at Secondary School and at the University, in Porto, Portugal, speaking fluent portuguese, english, french, german and spanish languages.

General formation
Graduated in Sports Education by the Sports Faculty, Porto University, Porto, Portugal
Master Studies in Sports Psychology by the Educational Faculty, Minho University, Braga, Portugal

Volleyball player in FC Porto for 15 years, 6 times Portugal champion and 3 times Cup winner
FIVB coaches course of I,, II. and III. degree
Active International Volleyball Referee since 1991 and for 15 seasons referee at the World League, with presence in a World League Final (Rotterdam, 2000) and in a World Grand Prix (Reggio Calabria, 2004), besides several Olympic qualification tournaments.
Active FIVB Volleyball Instructor since 2002
Beach Volleyball
Referee at the FIVB World Tour from 1993-2003
International Referee since 1996 at the first international referee course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with presence at 25 World Tour events, refereeing over 500 games, including the 2001 World Championship in Klagenfurt, Austria
Referee at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, where was the 1. Referee at the first ever played beach volleyball game in Olympic history
FIVB World Tour Referee Delegate from 1999 to 2005
FIVB Beach Volleyball Instructor since 2002

The Volleyball Cooperation Programme (VCP) has been the essence of this development cooperation since 1989. The main objectives are to generate permanent development impact and to ensure that volleyball and beach volleyball take firm roots within countries and regions that many would think impossible.

The VCP provides opportunities to National Federations to develop their own potential. The support given by the FIVB allows the organisation of courses in countries that would never have the means to improve their performance without assistance. 

In line with the FIVB Development policy, true sport development will only take place through efforts, understanding and collaboration between the FIVB and the National Volleyball Federations. The VCP opens up gateways to National Federations from all Continents to participate in volleyball and beach volleyball according to their own reality. 

The VCP concept is to ensure progress through participation and concrete actions leading to performance. 

The VCP offers a variety of courses that aim to satisfy the needs of the grassroot and to educate and motivate young people, teachers and coaches to participate in volleyball and beach volleyball.