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FIVB Grassroots Beach Volleyball (VCP course) 2013

APRIL 3 - 7, 2013, SAIPAN

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This course is designed for National Federations, or simply beach volleyball enthusiasts willing to develop further beach volleyball in their respective countries. The course provides an insight into the world of beach volleyball and teaches fundamental issues like how to create and to organize beach volleyball competitions. The course covers also the latest rules and regulations as well as informing on the necessary structure for beach volleyball.

The objectives of the Beach get Involved Courses are the following:
  • To improve the knowledge and competence of Beach Volleyball players, referees and promoters
  • To present the most recent trends in Beach Volleyball
  • To motivate and stimulate National Federations to develop national courses and an internal method of training
The following is subject to the instructor's actual agenda. While the agenda may shift differently between Wed and Thursday, the content will be similar. Click to view instructor's full time table of curriculum delivery.

Wed Apr 3 - 4-9pm (focus on theory and discussion in the classroom)
  • Opening ceremony (introductions and group picture)
  • Overview and history of FIVB
  • Structure of the FIVB world tour and calendars
  • Role of the Coach / ethics, responsibilities and expectations
  • Designing and Cycling of athlete performance calendars
  • Equipment
  • Structuring training sessions (coordinating with calendars)
  • Warm up and cool down / rest and recovery
  • Athlete coordination (pairing of athletes, playing combinations, etc)
Thu Apr 4 - 4-9pm (focus on theory and discussion in the classroom)
  • Running and Preparing a tournament
  • Officials and National Federation
  • Technical Skills
  • Game skills (attacking systems and defensive systems)
  • Theory rules of the game and officiating .
  • Tactical systems
  • Scouting opporsitions

Fri Apr 5 - 4-9pm
  • 4-6pm - Practical review on the beach (of Wed & Thursday classroom materials)
  • 6-9pm - Physical Preparations (MHS weight room)

Sat Apr 6 - 8am - 5pm
  • Putting training and coaching skills to work at the beach

Sun Apr 7 - 8am - 5pm
  • Mini tournament or exhibition match with practical assessment