Airlines & Flights

Our international airport code: SPN
Saipan uses Chamorro Standard Time (GMT +10)
It is useful to keep in mind that if you are flying to Saipan from the U.S., you will cross the international date line. You lose one day traveling on the way here and gain one day on the way back (i.e. leave U.S. on Sunday, you get to Saipan on Monday or Tuesday; leave Saipan on Monday and get back to U.S. on Monday).
Delta Airlines has been a strong partner for the last three years. We are grateful this year to have them as one of our Title Sponsors! Please help us keep our sponsors by using their services. They offer a number of flights to Saipan from multiple destinations. If you would like personalized assistance, please contact Chris Concepcion or Esther Sound in the Saipan office.

Other carriers flying in and out of Saipan: